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Blog Post: How I Used EFT for a Successful Job Interview and 6 Tips for Success

April 19th, 2015

I hadn’t been planning on seeking a different job, but it seems as though it sought me. I received an email while I was on vacation about a new counseling position that seemed to have it all- better pay, better hours, and some tremendous benefits. With this rush of excitement also came the rush of anxiety that comes with potential change- Am I good enough to stand out? How will I say goodbye to all of my clients? How will I tell my boss? What am I giving up? The hum of nervous energy coursing through my body told me it was time to get tapping. I knew that my best chance for success was to tap on all of my fears, shortcomings, and self-imposed barriers.

I had several weeks to mentally prepare for my job interview, which was ultimately a good thing but problematic because I tend to be a classic over-thinker. My mind has a way of taking minor things and making them way more serious than they really are. Fortunately, this is great fodder for EFT Tapping. I would take quiet time at night or in the morning and start working on the fears that were bubbling to the surface. Here are 6 tips that I came up with to successfully prepare for an upcoming job interview:

Tip #1- Visualize your upcoming job interview.

Sit down and imagine yourself in the interview room. If you know who you will be interviewing with, this will help. I was fortunate that the company I was interviewing with had an excellent website with pictures of the people I would be interviewing with. Use all of your senses to imagine what the interview will be like. Use EFT Tapping to work on any stressful feelings or images that come up.

Tip #2- Consider ‘What is the worst question they could ask me?’

Think about what would be the question or questions you would prefer they not ask? What would be the hardest to answer? This may be about a gap in your work history or perhaps you were fired from a job. I was actually asked my “worst question” as I had to explain why I had changed jobs several times in a relatively short period of time. Tapping on this very question ahead of time helped me to answer this question confidently.

Tip #3- What is my ideal salary?

This question can be a great source of anxiety and second-guessing. It also calls into question deeper issues regarding our own sense of worth- What do I deserve to be paid? If you have a sense of the base salary the job is offering or what is typical for this position in your field this is a good place to start. Next, consider what you would like to be paid. Practice saying it out loud- “I want to be paid $XXX,XXX dollars per year.” If your voice breaks or anxiety spikes in your body, it’s time to start tapping.

Tip #4- Consider past negative experiences in job interviews.

Having a past job interview that did not go so well is often the main culprit for fears in an interview. If you had an interview that was awkward, difficult, or didn’t result in a job, this can be a source of ongoing shame, avoidance, or nervousness. This may be the best place to use EFT as it does a great job targeting and neutralizing the effects of specific events.

Tip #5- Tap on your physical signs of stress.

Being in a high stakes situation can bring out a variety of physical signs of stress for us. For me, feeling nervous in an interview situation usually comes with my mouth drying up, sweating, and overuse of ‘talking with my hands.’ A setup phrase of “Even though I get this dry mouth during interviews, I deeply and completely accept myself” could be a good way to address our body’s stress response.

Tip #6- Make a list of things to tap on leading up to the interview

A good way of staying on top of the various thoughts and worries you are having about the interview is to make a list. Take a notebook and begin writing down all of the thought blurbs, memories, and other concerns that may be clouding your mind. Take the time to work through each of them using the basic recipe and get your intensity on each item down to zero.

Using EFT Tapping before my interview was tremendously calming and helpful. By the time I actually showed for the interview, my mind was clear and I was joking with the receptionist about “Saved by the Bell.” Now I am getting ready to start an amazing job, making more money than I ever have in my life, and feeling grateful for the opportunity. I know that Tapping helped clear the way for me to put my best self forward; and I know it can work for you too!

Bonus Tip: Other than dressing professional (doesn’t matter what position), it is a good idea to scout the company for whom you are interviewing. If they have a website, research it. Figure out their mission. Consider questions that you can ask them. Remember, you are also interviewing the company to see if they are a good fit for you.

Email me at to schedule your session to help you nail your interview and land the job of your dreams!

February 7th, 2015
Matt clara before

Matt at 225-230 pounds.

matt whole302

Matt at 188 pounds.

There is no shortage of people who make a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight and get in better shape. I am certainly no stranger to this resolution and its often frustrating results. This year I just wasn’t feeling it, however my wife Rose had the itch to try something drastic. It is called Whole30 ( and it is quite intense.


My Cliff Notes version (do people still use Cliff Notes or do they just wiki-everything?) of Whole30 is

a 30 day dietary challenge in which you forego grains, sugars, legumes, dairy, and

basically anything processed. This leaves foods such as vegetables, nuts, fruits, and lean meats (organic is a plus). Rose had been selling me on the benefits of it, (boosting metabolism, fixing your pH levels, etc.) but I wasn’t biting. I had my own reasons that I should do it (high cholesterol and borderline hypertension) but I wasn’t quite there. She wanted to do it and she made a solid selling point (she with her newly minted MBA) that it would be much easier if we did it as a family. “OK fine, I mean, it’s just 30 days.”I would be lying if I said it was easy. I would be lying if it didn’t make me question my sanity, my wallet (purchasing whole and organic foods is expensive), an

d my ability to stay on the path. Food definitely has addictive qualities for me and I am definitely on the “live to eat” side of things. As the days went on, I noticed changes. I felt that my body was purging itself of toxicity; I will spare the details of some of the ways this manifested! I noticed that my somewhat loose fitting clothes became even looser and I was using new belt holes. My mind starting shifting as well. I started to pay more attention to the food that was around me and evaluating not only whether I could eat them, but the nutritive value.

Because I was more limited in what I could eat, I began to eat more mindfully.

mindful eating

There were certainly moments that were extremely frustrating. Going to Wednesday night dinners at the church is one of my highlights of the week. It is also laden with a tableful of wonderful, often homemade desserts. This table became off-limits, save for the rare times that fresh fruit made its appearance amongst the peanut butter and chocolate brownies and cheesecake. This phenomenon often repeated itself at work where delectables would often show up on the table in the kitchen. I would get annoyed when our exchange daughter would gleefully eat a tasty snack in front of me and tell me how delicious it was.o be more mindful of my meals. Rather than, in my not-so elegant way of saying it- “Throwing food into my face-hole,” I was actually experiencing the food I was eating. I was eating mindfully.

cookie tease


In moments of weakness and doubt, I turned to tapping. Sometimes it was just a few taps around a couple points on my face. I found myself tapping under

my eye (connected to the stomach meridian and associated with worry and emptiness) and the side of my eye (connected to the gall bladder meridian and associated with anger, resentment, and fear of change).

At other times I would do rounds of tapping with setups such as “Even though I’m mad that I can’t eat whatever I want, I deeply and completely accept myself” or “Even though I’m craving sugar/carbs/McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets, I’m still a great person.” It enabled me to walk past the desserts, eat sensibly when I ate out, and calmly deal with our smirking Thai daughter eating her second helping of cake.

At the end of what felt like the longest 30 days of my life, I weighed in at 18 pounds lower than I had started.


This was pretty exciting and rewarding. As I had written in a previous post, I had already lost a significant amount of weight while doing my EFT Certification training. Over the course of the past year, I am down about 35-40 pounds. Between a mindful approach to eating, light exercise, and using tapping to address food craving and other issues, I feel like I am on a good path toward more optimal health and wellness. Thank you Whole30, thank you Rose, and thank you EFT!

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Surprise Your Club with Something Different

January 23rd, 2015

Looking for a new, interesting speaker for your club’s meeting in 2015?  You’ve come to the right place!  Matt Hollo is now booking speaking engagements for his 2015 season.  Located in Northwest Ohio, Matt will travel to you.   Get the inside scoop on how this state and nationally licensed Professional Clinical Counselor is using a complementary technique to help clients overcome major life obstacles, from fear of flying, to PTSD, to harmful habits (smoking or over-eating), and everyday fears and phobias in a very short time.

Email or call 440-315-7945 to discuss a custom presentation today!

An Open Letter to Fellow Bereaved Mothers ~ October is Pregnancy and Baby Loss Awareness Month

October 10th, 2014

Dear Friend,
I am very sorry for your loss. Although I may not know the specifics of your trial, I have been there, too. For many years, my husband Matt and I struggled with infertility and experienced a few early miscarriages before we were blessed with our healthy miracle baby in 2012. But our struggle was not over.
In early 2013 we were excited to learn we were expecting again, but soon learned that something was wrong. The first twin, Rudy, was miscarried and the other, Sylvi, was stillborn months later from an undetected complication that left me in the hospital with emergency surgery. It was a traumatic experience I’ll never forget. Burying the remains of my child while healing from surgery, and battling post-partum depression and grief, I swore that if I made it through, I would find a way to help other moms who have lost babies.RudySylvi
This year, we were given good news that we were expecting, but again experienced the loss of baby Emerson. While this loss was a bit smoother, medically speaking, it was still emotionally very difficult for the both of us.
After the loss of Rudy and Sylvi, and then through the good and bad news of Emerson, Matt and I received the support and encouragement of Sufficient Grace Ministries’Walking with You” bereavement support group, where we have heard the stories of many others who are walking this journey with us. We are so grateful for that spiritual support.
Due to these combined experiences, my husband Matt, a Licensed Clinical Counselor and Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner decided that he would like to focus on helping families through the birth year, including those who are experiencing the loss or aftermath of the loss of a pregnancy or child. Although I am not qualified to work with clients in the same way, I am partnering with Matt to spread the word about the service he is offering because I’ve seen firsthand how well his specialized techniques work for those who are hurting or suffering from emotional issues that they are ready to begin healing. Of course, I’d also be happy to connect with anyone who needs a little extra prayer or just wants to talk.
We will never forget our precious babies, but we can all transform into new, forever-changed versions of ourselves. Being able to function again and having a renewed sense of purpose doesn’t only feel good, but allows us to pay it forward. We know we’ll see our angels again, and that they are smiling down on us. That is the gift Matt and I have received, and we sincerely wish to share that with anyone else who could benefit.



Blog Post: The Skinny on Tapping

September 26th, 2014

I’ve had issues with my weight for just about as long as I can remember. Up and down, but mostly up, perpetually since I was in about third grade. What happened in third grade? Well, my family and I moved from my early childhood home in Northwest Indiana, the only one that I had known, to a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. So what right? Kids move every day. Well I was a pretty shy kid growing up. Honestly, I still am! I had a tight group of friends in my small town neighborhood. When I moved two states over, I had no idea how difficult it would be to readjust. Friends were hard to come by, and as my weight started to climb, teasing eventually led to bullying. That led to more shyness, self-isolation, and emotional eating. Sports eventually became an outlet for healthier weight and self-esteem during middle and high school. After high school my weight yo-yoed dramatically. At one point during my senior year of college I weighed my heaviest at 264 pounds and then dramatically (and probably dangerously) lost 95 pounds over the course of 10 months. Of course my weight bounced back (although I never weighed that much again) and I had grown more and more frustrated with my weight.

Matt clara before









I have been using EFT for about 8 years and had often heard that EFT Tapping was very effective for weight loss. Although I had already seen some of the awesome benefits that EFT could bring, I was really skeptical about my own personal ability to tap into my weight issues. Last year I started working on my EFT Certification and with it began doing my personal work with other budding EFT Practitioners (a requirement of certification). I kept thinking “I should probably work on my weight;” but this notion came and went many times. However, a funny thing happened. As I was working through my certification process, I was noticing that I was starting to lose weight. People who I hadn’t seen in a while noticed that I appeared thinner. Exercising more didn’t really seem to make a difference. However, I started to pay attention and realized that the more I was clearing my own issues with EFT, the more my weight started melting off. What was I working on? Addressing specific events from my childhood that included loss, feelings and experiences of lack, bullying, and my regrets about moving (I had a mistaken belief that it was solely my choice as an 8 year old to move). By the time I completed my required personal work I was the lowest weight that I have been in about 12 years!

Matt and Clara August 2014

If you are looking to lose weight, diets and fads are likely to disappoint. If you don’t deal with the underlying issues (and more importantly, the specific events) that led to your weight problems, you will probably experience the yo-yo effect. I know that there are so many “weird/shocking/strange” tips and products out there that vie for our attention on website sidebars. I can say with all sincerity that Emotional Freedom Techniques is one of the most powerful tools we can use to transform our mind, body, and soul. It can help us rewrite the story that our DNA is trying to tell for us. I know that I’m not yet at my ideal weight, but my hope is so much higher now that I have the key to my health at my fingertips!


Matt is now a Certified EFT Practitioner!

September 17th, 2014

Matt recently completed his training to be a Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner (EFT-INT). His training is in Clinical EFT, which has been validated in over 20 research studies to date to be an evidence-based practice. Matt is currently one of only five Certified EFT Practitioners in the state of Ohio and the only one in Northwest Ohio. Email Matt today at to schedule your EFT Coaching Session today!

Matt EFT Practitioner

Blog Post: ” Eh, It’s Not a Big Deal.”

June 20th, 2014

“It’s not a big deal.” That is a common response when I ask a client to tell me about an ‘as recently as five minutes ago’ traumatic memory or fear. As they thought about it, it really wasn’t a big deal to them any further. Their face and body are calm, almost meditative, whereas it had been tense, twisted, and tearful moments earlier. I was surprised when I started to get this reaction from clients who use Emotional Freedom Techniques. I had started my tapping journey watching Gary Craig’s grainy DVDs and seeing person after person amazingly exclaim how their pain, sadness, or fear was completely gone. Don’t get me wrong, there are some of those experiences mixed in where a client will express their amazement that their issue was completely resolved. One woman even gave me a spontaneous hug after tapping helped her resolve a decade’s long negative experience. The funny part is, she didn’t even tell me what it was!

I kept wondering why so many people were so chill about clearing a major barrier in their life in mere minutes- something that might have taken months or years of therapy? The counselor part of me who has been on multi-year journeys with clients in therapy wants to jump up and down and say “Wow that’s amazing that this thing you’ve dealt with your whole life is gone! Are you as excited as I am! That’s so awesome! You are awesome! Everything is awesome!”

But I don’t do that. I’m a professional. So I thought about it and went back to some of the research findings regarding EFT. EFT lowers Cortisol (stress hormone) levels dramatically. EFT reduces the brain wave frequencies associated with stress or amplifies those associated with relaxation1. When we tap on these different acupressure points it sends tiny electric signals to our brain to relax itself while you’re focused on something stressful or upsetting. It helps to rewire our brains on the fly.

So maybe that’s what’s happening to these folks. The tapping is helping them lower the stress hormones in their body, changing their brain wave frequencies, and providing them with a sense of calm and relaxation. If they are in a state of relaxation, they may not be excitable. The “zap” has been taken out of their memories and fears. When the zap is gone, there isn’t anything to get them charged. The person is able to integrate the experience in their life but it no longer carries a mental, emotional, or energetic burden. In other words, “it’s not a big deal.” How exciting is that?

Tapping Tip of the Week: Are you having a craving? Are you stress eating? Try this simple tapping sequence- tap with two fingers under your eye, then under your nose, then on your chin (in the dip). Tap 5-7 times on each point and repeat.Out loud or in your mind say “this craving.” Do this for 30 seconds to a minute to take the edge off your craving!

WIN_20140606_002129 WIN_20140606_002132 WIN_20140606_002136

1Church, D. (2013). Clinical EFT as an evidence-based practice for the treatment of psychological and physiological conditions. Psychology, 4(7).

Tapping: Not as weird as I think

June 6th, 2014

When I first learned about Emotional Freedom Techniques about eight years ago I thought it was extremely weird. Mind you, when my friend Rena introduced it to me, she didn’t explain it at all, she just had me start tapping all over face and chest and moving my eyes every which way. Before I tapped I was expressing a variety of emotions (I don’t remember what exactly they were because they’re gone now) about a childhood experience that had long bothered me. After the tapping, she had me tell the story again, and something was missing. It was that feeling. It was gone. I hadn’t forgotten it; it just no longer held any emotional or physical weight. I couldn’t make myself feel intense about it. Needless to say I was amazed although I still thought it was quite strange.

Fast forward to the present. Whenever I show someone EFT for the first time, I tend to preempt it with “I know this looks really weird.” However, a funny thing has been happening. People say “I don’t think it’s that weird.” Some have even said “I don’t care what it looks like. It works.” Working and living in small towns in Northwest Ohio, I am excited to hear people tell me that they have heard of EFT or that they’re willing to give it a shot. They don’t need to hear me apologizing for how “weird” it looks. Sometimes the less talking I do and the more tapping we do, the smoother things go.

If you really think about it, the only thing that looks weird about EFT is when you see the entire sequence. Why is that? Because we subconsciously tap, hold, and rub these points on a regular basis when we are under stress. Have you ever caught yourself tapping the dip on your chin while pondering something?


Perhaps you’ve held your fingers along the ridge of your forehead, also known by some as the “Oh my God” points, when you are stressed or overwhelmed.


Doesn’t look too strange right? What happens when we put all the points together?

Wow. Ok. I see it now. It’s just me! In all seriousness, EFT really isn’t that weird looking, and when you consider all of the peculiar things we post on our Facebook pages everyday, would doing a few rounds of tapping even break the top ten? When you add that to the tremendous benefits tapping can provide, why not give it a try? I’m so thankful that I did.

Welcome to Deep Roots Wellness!

March 14th, 2014

Want to know more about Deep Roots Wellness? What is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and how can it help me? Check out our new video to find out more. Rose has a Q & A session with our practitioner Matt to discuss his background, how he was introduced to EFT, and how he has used it to help others.

We are also excited for the opportunity to bring Deep Roots Wellness to two ‘Birth Without Fear‘ Meetups this spring ( We will be attending the Meetups in Chicago, Illinois on Friday, April 11, 2014 and Columbus, Ohio on Saturday, May 3, 2014. We look forward to meeting with some awesome mamas and talk about how EFT can help take the fear out of birth!

Schedule an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping session today!

January 1st, 2014


Hello Friends,

Matt Hollo, our Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and experienced EFT practitioner recently attended the “official” Emotional Freedom Techniques/EFT Universe 4-day intensive training in Chicago, Illinois, to obtain his certification in Clinical EFT.  Matt is excited to bring this level of EFT expertise and training to Northwest Ohio!

EFT sessions typically take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the complexity of the issue.  Matt strives for neutralizing the issue by the end of the session.

Matt is especially interested in working with women and couples experiencing infertility, miscarriage, pregnancy, and postpartum challenges (i.e. postpartum depression), and those who have experienced traumatic birth.  He would like to build this subject matter as his area of expertise.  Matt and his wife Rose are not strangers to these issues and hold a special place in their hearts for fellow parents who are walking this difficult path to parenthood.

Matt can meet with anyone in person in Defiance, Ohio, or can work via telephone, Skype, or FaceTime.  Please contact us to schedule your appointment today! Free consults are also available to help you decide if EFT is right for you!


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